"They will teach you what you already know, but that you don’t know that you know."
Ted Savarese
The TedTones, Octomutt

"My mouth flew open when I saw Connie play two saxophones. It wasn't just that she did it, it was that she did it well."
Paul “Dr”. Striker 
Doctor Striker

So what about Blonde Toledo

I have a habit of asking the people who approach me at our shows, or people in the music scene (like our mastering engineer as an example) the question “what bin in the record store would you expect to find Blonde Toledo”.  I am always surprised at the response.  A fellow who hears a lot of music said we were Tejano with a Turkish tinge. One woman thought we were Progressive Klezmer Rock.  Someone , albeit a bit in his cups, said “I don’t know what kind of music you play, but that gal can sure Reggae with that oboe”.  

Now there may be some truth to all these things people say (except that oboe remark), but to my ears we play American music, as this, more than any other place on our little blue and green globe, has the most varied veins of musical ore to work with. Where that lands us in the record store is “firmly in trouble”, as the modern music industry is ill disposed to mavericks.

Yet this music we make while confusing to those busy buying and selling, is very straight forward once one happens to actually listen to it. It’s full of melodies, strangely familiar, but none that you’ve ever heard.  It passes the American Bandstand test of having a good beat and danceability, although the rhythms come from a plurality of backgrounds.It’s full of surprises, yet firmly based in the traditions of Brill Building Pop, Colombian Cumbia, Yiddish Theatre, Post Bop Jazz, British Invasion Rock, and whatever else falls to hand.

It’s energetic music, good on a long drive, cleaning the house, but having that quintessential smarts and beauty that's perfect when smoking out. And while it’s not the same old same old, this is not art music for the culturati, but a new music for those who like a bit of grit, a catchy song, and a different destination while straying from the herd.